HEALTH WEEK is next week!

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Monday:  "Veg Pledge" day— PTA will be in the front of the school with a sign up sheet that kids can sign; students will receive a small prize if they commit to eating a fruit or vegetable a day for the entire week. The class with the highest percentage of participation will receive a prize. 

Tuesday: Pajama day—To promote healthy sleeping habits. 

Friday: Sports and active day— dress up in favorite sports or active wear. Friday will also be walk or ride bikes to school day. An obstacle course will be set up in front of the school for all kids riding the bus or getting dropped off. Everyone that participates in either walking, riding bikes and/or the obstacle course will receive a prize. The obstacle course will be set up for all afternoon kindergarteners to do as they arrive to school.  Mrs. Marshall, our PE teacher, will be incorporating the theme into her PE activities throughout the week and will be heading up all of the week's activities. The city donated some pretty incredible prizes that go along with the "health" theme and we are excited about giving them out. Thanks Mrs. Marshall for all of your hard work!