The Learning Cycle Never Stops in 4th Grade

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Where does a majority of drinking water in Springville, Utah come from? Stormwater! 4th Grade was visited by Jenny Devlin from the Utah County Stormwater Coalition who brought hands on activities to teach our students about the stormwater, stormwater pollution, and how to keep this resource clean. A big rock in the 4th grade science curriculum is the water cycle. Students know that only 1% of earth's water is usable to humans and when that 1% gets polluted it can be very dangerous and extremely expensive to clean. With Devlin's presentation 4th graders learned that there are major "villians" or pollutants that harm our stormwater such as yard waste, soap, animal waste, pesticides, oil, gasoline, trash, and paint - just to name a few. When these pollutants get into our water it can make humans and animals very sick, the best thing we can do to protect our precious water resource is to prevent these pollutants from harming our water supply. 

4th Graders committed to do 3 things to protect our stormwater:1. Don't Pollute!2. Only Rain in the Drain!3. Be Careful!
Jessika Anderson