Mrs. Irwin Receives PEAK Award at Board Meeting

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on

Mrs. Irwin was nominated by Patrick and Leanne Johnson for the PEAK Award.  

“Mrs. Irwin has such great energy in the classroom, she is enthusiastic and positive! Mrs. Irwin is one of those teachers that you can tell loves her job and her students by the way she interacts with them; and how she really listens when they talk to her, which is so important for these eleven- and twelve-year-old students! Mrs. Irwin shows respect for her class by the way she speaks to them and through her expectations of them. It is very clear that her students respect her as proven by their exceptional behavior. Mrs. Irwin has a very tidy and structured classroom that is run very efficiently, which is important for a successful learning environment despite the 30+ students she teaches! She has such a fun personality which she shares with her students every day. We love Mrs. Irwin!”

Meadow Brook Elementary is so lucky to have Mrs. Irwin.  She is an incredible teacher and has such a positive attitude.  

Sarah Ledingham