Mrs. James Sixth Reptile Party

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Last week, Mrs James’s 6th grade class earned a class party.  We voted on a reptile party. Mrs. James’s daughter, Sarah, brought around her big tegu lizard on a leash. He was too heavy for the kids to hold so she just let them pet it. She also brought around a blue-tongued skink. This one was small enough that the kids could hold it. Sarah went around the whole class and let the kids pet it. It was really cool it felt scaly and soft.

Sarah then came around with three different pythons. Sarah taught us a lot of cool things about snakes. She taught us that snakes like to wrap their tails around something so they can feel secure and not fall. We got to hold the snakes and we realized that they are not slimy at all but they are very strong. Then she came around with her biggest snake.  It was long and yellow and it took three students at a time to hold it. This experience was really fun and we were so grateful to have Sarah take time out of her day to teach us about reptiles.

Lily in Mrs. James' Class