October Third Grade Culture Day

Submitted by lena.bird on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 12:07
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This month for our 3rd grade culture day we learned about the countries of Canada and Scotland. Did you know that there are two official languages in Canada? That means that kids there learn English and French in school! We also learned that one of their favorite sports is hockey! During the winter the lakes, ponds, and even driveways are turned into hockey rinks. Another thing about Canada is that they never wear shoes indoors. 

In Scotland families are considered clans. They still have clans that are very well maintained and if you can "prove lineage" to the castle clan, they will let you spend the night in the castle. We learned that the kilts they wear have patterns according to their clan. In Scotland they speak English, only they speak with a different accent than we do. Another interesting fact is that golf originates from Scotland, so people travel from all over the world to play there. We were really excited to see one of our own students preform a Scottish dance while the bagpipes were played. It was so awesome to see! We are so excited to continue learning about culture this year!
Sarie Larsen