Our 3rd Grade Stars

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February was a fantastic month for our grade! We had so many students pass off their math facts! At our Buckles assembly, not only did we recognize those that have been passing off their math facts, but also a few stellar stars that have gone above and beyond the mark! From Mrs. Gonzalez's class, we recognized Maddison Hogan for her exceptional persistence and hard work in Math (she completed the 4th Grade Aleks), Jaxon Barrett for his hard work in Math and for being prepared in reading, Bradley Fogg for always being helpful and friendly, and Zoe Rutledge for moving up in reading.  The students recognized in Mrs. Reed's class were: Brodee Dixon for being a great helper, Stasha Holman for working hard on multiplication, Ella Wallen for always getting her work done, and David Uribe for being a really hard worker.  Last, several of Ms.Thomas's students were recognized for being awesome-Elle Braithwaite was recognized for excelling in school and having a great attitude about learning, Lizzy Briggs for working so hard with math facts and always giving 100% effort in school, Marcela Lopez for being an excellent expressive reader and using that expression in her writing, too, and Tua Naufahu for really working hard at writing essays and for being an excellent typist! We are so proud of our 3rd Graders! It is great to be Mustangs here at our wonderful school!
Karen Thomas