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Battle of the Books is a program to get kids reading. Not only books they like, but good books they might not pick up because they are outside their normal reading interests. Students are given a list of 20 books. They can read as many as they want. Reading all of them is not required. They may read the books themselves, listen to the books from a digital platform such as audible or a CD, or a parent or other person may read the books to them. They are placed on teams and in March or April, in a trivia style tournament they battle. This program promotes reading, reading retention, team work and friendship. Our goal is this program will be a positive experience for students of all skill levels. 

Any questions can be referred to Eileen Tew (Eileen.Tew [at] (Eileen[dot]Tew[at]gmail[dot]com) or 801-491-8694).

Use the following link to sign up: