Sixth Grade Field Trip

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The space center that I went to in Alpine District, was one of  the best places that I have ever been. I went on a field trip with the whole 6th grade. The ship that I got was the Galileo. The name of our mission was Cold Hearted. It was a lot of fun. The job that I got was to be the tactical, who is in charge of the weapons and the shields of the ship. But the tactical is not the only job; you can get the messenger, the captain, the engineer, the operations, ambassador, first officer, and the helm (the pilot). The Galileo is not the only ship that they have, they have bigger ships and they are all a lot of fun. You can have birthday parties or just go for fun. The space center was a blast. If I could go there again, then I would definitely go. The space center is truly the best thing that I have ever done in my life.

Jocelyn in Mrs. Brown's Class