Space Center Day in 6th Grade

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Our Sixth Grade went to the Christa Mcauliffe space center as a field trip. The trip was awesome. There were two parts. One part was the space simulation. We got into ships for the simulation. There were three ships. The USS Magellan, the USS Odyssey, and the USS Phoenix. We had some challenges that we needed to do so that we could accomplish our mission. One of the challenges was that we had to convince an alien species called the Enooks to save themselves from dangerous conditions caused by something in the Spitzer Nebula. Debris flew everywhere and was going to block out the sun's rays from the Enook’s home planet, Astana. During this time the planet was much farther from the sun, so the planet was going to get much colder because there was less sunlight to warm the planet. The Magellan and the Phoenix survived, but the Odyssey didn’t. The Phoenix had a perfect run! It was super fun.

The second part was the planetarium. In the planetarium, we went into a dome and saw a projection of the stars in the night sky without light pollution. We also went into a room where we learned more about this thing called 2014 mu69, or Ultima. We had to write about what we think it is and draw it. We also had lunch. After we did all of that, we went back to school.

6th Grade Students: Daerik & Gabriel