Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Mrs. James’s 6th grade class had Talk Like a Pirate Day. We were able to dress up like pirates and give ourselves pirate names. We also did fun games and activities.

The first activity was The Cursed Black Jar. We had to try and figure out why we could pour water in, but not get a lot of water out of the cursed jar. We tried sneaking up on it and looking into it, squeezing it, and shaking it upside down. We tested a ton of ideas but we could not figure out why water was not coming out.

The other activity we did was that our ship sunk into the ocean and we had to use materials from the ship to build a lifeboat that could hold 40 people. In our case the people were golf balls. The materials we had to use were tin foil, paper, paper clips, and golf balls. There were tons of really good ideas. The group that won was my group. Our boat held 36 golf balls and the group that came in second held 30 golf balls. But I am proud of everyone who helped build a boat. We had so much fun!

Zaylee in Mrs. James Class