Third Grade Culture Day

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Third Grades culture day, during the month of November, “took” us to Hong Kong and Argentina.  William's parents taught us about Germany, where William’s mom lived!  Did you know that in Germany school starts very early, usually at 7:30 a.m. but get out around our lunchtime!  They don’t serve lunch at school, instead they have a Zweites Frühstück or second breakfast.  The biggest meal of the day in Germnay is lunch and everyone in the family has lunch together and then takes a nap. At around 4 or 5 in the evening, they have Kaffee and Kuchen (coffee, or cocoa, and cake).  William's mom wore her hair in a beautiful, traditional crown braid and even taught us how to count in German.  We loved hearing about the fun adventures she had while living in such a cool country, and enjoyed the Haribo gummy bears she brought us.  Delicious!

Sophia's parents told us all about their native country, Brazil, home of the famous Amazon Jungle.  We really enjoyed learning about life in a tropical country where the temperature is typically around 86 degrees Fahrenheit and usually only rains in the winter.  Sophia's mom taught us the most common meal in Brazil consists of bean, rice and meat. We especially liked learning about the June festival, a beautiful celebration with lots of delicious food, brightly colored clothes, dancing and even a week off of school!  We had the privilege of having Sophia’s mom present a traditional dance from Brazil that is often seen during the festival, it was truly amazing!

Emily Sheets