Third Grade Culture Day

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As a third grade, we had the privilege of “traveling” with Kai’s mom, Mrs. Sheffer, to Japan as a part of our culture day.  What an amazingly beautiful place it is.  Did you know that school starts in April when all the cherry blossoms are blooming?  All students walk to school and take their shoes off when they enter the school.  Mrs. Sheffer explained that there is no janitor in the school and the students help to clean the classrooms and school building every day.  The students also take lunch duty very seriously and help to prepare the food and cart it to the classrooms where lunch is served.  When school ends the students have about a month of summer during which time they have Summer Festivals where games, food, music and booths are found.  We loved learning about the beautiful culture of Japan and what it would be like to attend school there! 

Emily Sheets