Third Grade September Culture Day

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As part of the third grade curriculum, we focus on learning about the cultures, customs, languages, traditions, and communities around the world. To help students learn about these things, each month we have a “Culture Day”, where parents/grandparents/family members of our students volunteer their time to come in and present about a country they are from or have visited. Thank you to our volunteers that came to visit us in September!

Ethan Dyal’s grandparents “took” us to Brazil where we learned about the culture there. They speak Portuguese and they eat a lot of fish! The students there have to travel a long ways to get to school, and most of them get there by boat. We also learned that it is very hot there and there are a lot of mosquitoes. Most of the houses don’t have air conditioning and the windows don’t have screens. Mr. Dyal told us about how once, when he hurt his arm, a native made a bandage for him out of bark from a tree and made a special concoction from the tree liquid that helped his arm heal quickly.

Koree Sanderson’s dad “took” us to Uruguay! We had so much fun learning about their way of life. He told us about the “Capybara” that lives there-the largest living rodent in the world-they can get up to 6 feet long! In Uruguay, they have different types of food that they like to eat. Mr. Sanderson told us about how when you order pizza there, you order it by the meter. When he got his first pizza, he didn’t realize that they don’t put cheese on it like we do here! It was just pizza crust with sauce! They also make yummy hamburgers called, “Chivitos”. They add a lot of different things to their burgers!

Karen Thomas