Third Grade Students of the Month for November and December

Submitted by lena.bird on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 08:31
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We are so proud of everything that our 3rd graders are doing! Not only are they passing off math facts like crazy, but they are showing great behavior in class and being amazing students in all that they do. We'd like to especially recognize the following students for excelling in so many things in November & December-

November was a great month! From Ms. Thomas's class, Sadie Ruffner was recognized for being very respectful and working hard, Tua Naufahu for being an extra awesome friend to others, Logan Sevy for working hard in his morning work, and Libby Bunderson for diving into work and excelling fast as a new student at our school.

From Mrs. Reed's class, Grace Boardman was recognized for being an All-Around Great Student, Brigit Johnson for being a great helper, Elizabeth Lara for having neat work, and Zoey Mayberry was recognized for always being a good friend.

From Mrs. Gonzalez's class, we are so proud of Hannah Grey for focus and quality work, Peter Mulligan for having quality work and being friendly, Daniel Marquez for great work and being friendly, Camila  Montestruque for good writing in both Spanish and English.

In December our amazing 3rd graders showed great strides! From Mrs. Reed's class, a big congratulations to Brayden Bascom for creative thinking, Riley Fuller for being dependable, Korbin Gurule for showing amazing math skills, and Arieanna Singh for being an all around great student!

From Ms. Thomas's class, awards went to Jackie Moreland for doing great work in daily centers, Zoe Larsen for awesome behavior and making great choices, Ryder Monfredi for showing great behavior and always being so kind, and Dane McDaniel for always showing respect to teachers!

From Mrs. Gonzalez's class, we recognize Jaden Mackert for being so good in math and for helping others. Aslinn Karpowitz for always doing great work and for following procedures, Destiny Simpson for being extra friendly and for working hard, and  Beckett Brockbank for doing great work and for always following procedures.