When Mrs. Luther Comes to Visit

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Once, my class and I were correcting morning work with our teacher Miss Christensen until someone walked in the room. Miss Christensen introduced her, “This is Mrs. Luther, she is  our guest speaker today.” I knew we were going to have fun because Mrs. Luther looked so sweet.  

After Mrs. Luther walked in Miss Christensen told us to sit on the rug and turn towards Mrs. Luther.  Mrs. Luther told us that she had a bag with stuff that represents stuff she likes and likes to do. “ I will let you guys ask questions first. After you ask a question I will ask you the same one because I want to learn about you” she said. A couple people raised their hands.  For an example, Mrs. Luther called on someone. The kid asked her favorite color and she replied then asked him what his favorite color is. She also did that same thing where a kid asked her a question she replied then asked them the same question to a lot more kids. After that, she read us a book. Then we talked with her a bit more. We talked about the book and what would we would write if we had the chance to write something in the book. Some were funny and some were inspiring.

It was a really fun and exciting experience. I can’t wait until Mrs. Luther comes back! 

Paisley Lefler