Working Out And Having Fun

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So much fun in PE. We’ve been working hard and working out. We’ve played shark games, the mandelorian and successfully delivered baby yoda to the Jedi’s to complete his training and saved the world with our Wonder Woman shields we made in art class. This year has had its challenges in PE with trying to come up with games that are safe, spread out and still have the element of fun and excitement the kids love and have grown to expect. I think the most rewarding thing this month has been every game I’ve come up with I have had students help give me ideas to build off of. I love that they’re thinking and being creative and are so excited to give me ideas for fun games. It’s so rewarding to see them love a game, have fun learning a skill and interacting with each other, most of the time without even realizing they’re actually exercising. I’m reminded everyday what a fun job I have. How lucky I am to have such fun kids that are always good sports and up for the adventure with my crazy game ideas and themes. We do so many different things in my class, I try to teach a variety of skills, instill the importance of exercise and being healthy but I love that what they take away from my class at the end of the day is my number one rule... always have fun! 

Ali Marshall