May 2018

Greek Olympics

Presley in Mrs. Gregory's class

Last week on the April 26th, the sixth grade got to participate in the Greek olympics. We were competing as five main city-states; Athens, Argos, Megara, Sparta, and Corinth. For the past few weeks, the city states have been earning points, and the Greek olympics would determine the winning city-state for each sixth grade class.

5/7/18 MB Monday Message....END OF YEAR EVENTS


Parents & Students,

As I am writing up the events for the last few weeks of school, I am realizing how quickly these last few weeks will go. It has been a great year getting to know your wonderful students; I will miss them over the summer!

I want to congratulate our fourth graders for putting on an impressive program last week; I was truly impressed with their hard work, great job fourth grade!