November 2018

Peterson's Class Reads Matilda

Morgan Peterson

Mrs Peterson’s class has finished their first read aloud story, Matilda! To celebrate they discussed their favorite parts of the story, tried to move objects with their serious stares, and enjoyed some chocolate cake!

A few students shared their favorite parts of the story: 

“My favorite part of Matilda was when she put glue on her dad’s hat. He tried to pull it off. His wife tried to pull it off. What is your favorite part of Matilda?” 

“My favorite part of Matilda was when Lavendar put the thing that was a salamander in the water.”

Building Bridges

Gabriel Delgado

Right before Fall Break, we engineered, or built, bridges.  We were in groups of 2-3. We had limited supplies. Our supplies were a little more than 20 popsicle sticks, maybe 12 or 13 pipe cleaners, and about 33 q-tips.  We used candy bars to measure the weight that each bridge could support. The winning bridge held 54.9 ounces, or 3.43 pounds, which was 34 candy bars.

Miss Carrick's Class at Jaker's

Katie Carrick

On Monday, October 22 our second graders went to Jaker's Jack-O-Lanterns for their first field trip. The entire second grade team is thankful for the parent volunteers that helped make this field trip possible. The students had a wonderful time and all got to bring home a pumpkin!