April 2021

Nebo Academy Spring/Summer 2021

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 09:28

Nebo is offering professional development for Nebo Educators. Click on the link to see and register the offerings: Nebo Academy Course Offerings.

Framework days are advertised by subject/grade. Please use the registration links. All teachers are encouraged to attend the sections that are appropriate to their assignment.

All Framework and New Teacher Induction classes will come with a $20/hour stipend; for all other courses, stipends come with the approval from your building principal.

Nebo School District Offers Love and Logic Parenting Workshop

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 09:24

Nebo School District in partnership with Spanish Fork City presents a virtual Love and Logic Parenting Workshop.

“There's a lot of advice out there on how to raise your kids – some better than others. ‘Love and Logic’ is a favorite of therapists, family life educators, teachers, principals, and most importantly parents. It is practical, easy to learn, and really effective! Come and enjoy this fun, upbeat, and informative workshop full of useful tips!” – Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, Family Therapist and Parent Educator

By Lana Hiskey

Nebo is Partnering with Tabitha’s Way

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 09:23
Nebo is partnering with Tabitha’s Way for a new event called Read & Feed.

The purpose of this event is to encourage children to continue to read during the summer and to educate families facing food insecurity regarding food resources available to them and their children while they are not attending school. Our goal is to gather 10,000 gently used books that children can take home with them and keep to read during the summer.


Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 10:09

If you count my sides.

You will find I have three. 

What shape could I be?  In first grade we just finished our shape unit. We had a blast going on shape hunts, composing shapes and learning about shape attributes
Alyssa Oldroyd

Online Book Basket Auction is LIVE!

Submitted by heather.balli on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 14:08

Welcome to Meadow Brook's Literacy Round-Up Fundraiser! Bid on a darling book basket below to help our school earn money for our leveled library (instructional books teachers use for small group reading instruction) and for technology in our classrooms. All bidding closes on Wednesday, April 21st at 9 A.M. Thank you for your support!


Learning To Play

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 11:10

In Mrs. Blair’s music class we have started our Ukulele unit with our older grades. This week we learned 3 chords. Once we master those, we will turn them into a song.  In the younger grades we played Puppet show with instruments. Students would play various instruments while giving a puppet command for the others to do. For example: the xylophone is for waving arms up and down. The tambourine is for walking backwards around the room. The kids had fun taking turns doing this. 

Sarah Blair

6th Graders Prepare for Middle School

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Fri, 04/02/2021 - 09:24

Ever since we have been back from Christmas break, all the 6th graders talk about now is how excited/nervous/anxious/happy/terrified they are about going to the middle school next year. The 6th grade teachers have been working really hard trying to prepare them for what's to come.

Brittany Mormann

Masks in Schools

Submitted by heather.balli on Fri, 04/02/2021 - 09:21

Most of you are likely aware that the Utah Legislature recently passed a law that effectively ends the face mask mandate in Utah on April 10.  However, you may not be aware that the “the mask requirements for K-12 schools REMAINS IN PLACE until June 15.  Additionally, local officials, like a school board, do NOT have legal authority to end the school mask requirement before this date.” 

Developing Our Computer Skills

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 10:49

Exciting things are happening in Computers!  We have been learning how to code for the last 8 weeks.  The First and Second Graders have used Fuzzies to help learn how to code in Kodable the next week we became a monkey collecting bananas in Code Monkey.  We also had a water balloon fight in Code Spark Academy.  Breathe a sigh of relief, no one got soaked!


Ali Vanpatten