September 2021

Teachers in professional development

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 09/20/2021 - 16:13

Our teachers spent the day in a LETRS professional development course. LETRS is an “empowering” professional development course which stands for, Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling. Teams worked together to build their knowledge and find new ways to help our students. 

Megan Oropeza

No school Monday

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Sat, 09/18/2021 - 15:35

No school on Monday. Teachers will be attending professional development. Our teachers are always working with some of the most well researched programs to continue best teaching practices that are proven to help our students learn. 

Megan Oropeza

Constitution day

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 16:53

Today students stood around and watched the raising of the flag to celebrate Constitution day. Students learned what constitution day is and why it is such a pivotal moment in history. On September 17th 1787, the founding fathers signed the most influential document in American History! The Constitution! 

Megan Oropeza

Brain breaks!

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 16:49

We work hard in kindergarten and our brains need a break sometimes! We love to do GoNoodle activities, which give us a mental break and allow us to jump and dance a bit. Enjoying being at school so far! 

Brittany Dean

Thank you technicians!

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 16:36

Meadow Brook technicians have been working hard to help all students. They are true Nebo heroes! Each day they help students with math, literacy, and mindfulness. They spend a lot of time training, collaborating and helping students learn. We are so thankful for all they do! 

Megan Oropeza

Frida Kahlo

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Wed, 09/15/2021 - 12:17

This month we have been learning about the artist Frida Kahlo! We learned about the elements that make up a self portrait and what a self portrait is. 
#neboheroes #fridakahlo #art #meadowbrookartists 

Jessica Goff

Love and logic workshop

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 06:47

Nebo School District in partnership with Spanish Fork City presents a virtual Love and Logic Parenting Workshop.

“There's a lot of advice out there on how to raise your kids – some better than others. ‘Love and Logic’ is a favorite of therapists, family life educators, teachers, principals, and most importantly parents. It is practical, easy to learn, and really effective! Come and enjoy this fun, upbeat, and informative workshop full of useful tips!” – Jonathan Sherman, LMFT, Family Therapist and Parent Educator

Where: Online via Zoom

Lana Hiskey

What’s the weather?

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 06:33

We have been learning about types of weather! We began by talking about solids, liquids, and gas. Then we moved on to how this relates to types of weather. For art, we made these watercolor weather symbols to put on our window! 

Jess Anderson

Second grade experiments

Submitted by megan.oropeza on Mon, 09/13/2021 - 13:54

In 2nd grade we are learning the difference between a project and an experiment! We started with a fun activity where we put eggs in vinegar, water, and sprite to see what they do. Then we made elephant toothpaste! Which do you think is a science project and which is a science experiment?! 

Morgan Peterson