October 2018

Sign Up NOW for SEPs

It is time to sign up for SEPS (parent-teacher conferences). You will sign up for appointments each SEP using Sign-UpGenius—we want to make sure that each SEP you have the opportunity to choose a time that works for you.

Please view the sign-up and find a convenient time for you to meet with your child's teacher.  If you need to meet with more than one teacher, please allot ten minutes in between each appointment to leave yourself adequate time to go from one meeting to the next. We want to stay on schedule in order to show respect for everyone's schedules.  

Pirate Day in 6th Grade

Daerik & Max

On September 19 we had Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was super fun. Everybody dressed up like pirates!

When we came into class the first thing we noticed was the skeleton in the corner. It had a map in its mouth and a skeleton parrot on its shoulder. Through the day the map moved from its mouth to its hand. During math we had to figure out what happened to all of the pirate’s rum by multiplying fractions. After math, we had library. It was the first day we got to check out books. Right after library we went to lunch.

5th Grade Trip to Power Plant

Elle, Laura, and Grayson

We are going to tell you about a "shocking" new experience we had on our field trip to the Springville Power Plant. We got to see and do a lot of things. We learned that it takes a lot of machines to power Springville. We also learned that if you need to dig a hole in yard, first call 811 so you don't hit a power line. We got to see what would happen if you touched a power line. They used a pickle, grape, hot dog and a banana to show us, and they all caught on fire! We also got to play or lots of things. We got to ride a bike and light up light bulbs with our energy.

Third Grade Field Trip

Diana Gonzalez & Karen Thomas

Third grade had so much fun on their field trip.  They enjoyed the beautiful fall weather while they were on their nature walk.  The Heber Creeper arrived when we were cleaning up!

Second Grade Fun Friday

Megan Oropeza

These little goats came to visit our 2nd graders today! Our special friend Pancho Cejudo (Mrs.Oropeza's dad) taught us some interesting facts about goats as they made friends with the 2nd graders.